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To leverage their namedrop in Lil Nas X’s new hit, Wrangler launched an app fans can use to detect a “Wrangler on their booty,” unlocking behind-the-scenes footage of the “Old Town Road” music video.

When customers visit, they’re asked to scan their jeans using an AR-like camera which can detect Wrangler patches and logos. This unlocks behind-the-scenes footage of “Old Town Road.” After fans watch the video, they’re invited to check out Wrangler’s Old-Town-Road-inspired collection for the modern cowboy, created in collaboration with the song’s artist.

Wrangler’s quick thinking turned what could have been just a casual pop culture mention into a partnership that fans of the brand and Lil Nas X will love. The interactivity and playfulness of this activation fit perfectly with the tone of the song and lets fans turn jean shopping into an immersive music video experience.