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Sabra Dipping Company has launched a vegan hotline to help summer barbecue hosts cater to the needs of their vegan friends. Party hosts who use the hotline will be provided with “rescue kits” which include vegan-friendly flatbread recipes, coupons and laptop stickers.

The campaign will run through the 4th of July, a time when people are usually grilling a lot of meat at their backyard celebrations. It’s based on research that says a majority of people don’t know how to cook for their vegan friends. Along with the hotline and a digital website extension, Sabra is taking advantage of the 90s nostalgia trend by releasing a 90s inspired digital spot, hoping to connect with millennials who grew up during that decade.

Sabra’s campaign is successful not only because it’s spread through multiple channels but also because it’s based on relevant research. By using 90s nostalgia, running the campaign through the 4th of July and talking about veganism, Sabra is hitting timely trends and topics that make this campaign incredibly relevant.