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To help make expert skincare more accessible, Pond’s created an AI chatbot that can analyze a person’s face, educate them on their skin problems, and match them with the perfect products for their skin type.

Pond’s fans can send their headshots to the Skin Advisor Live bot (SAL), which uses DeepTag skin diagnosis technology to analyze their face. It then gives them more information about their skin type and matches them with the corresponding skincare products. SAL is available through Line and Facebook Messanger in Indonesia, Argentina, Colombia, United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

With an increase of 3x the percentage of consideration compared to the brands’ existing digital advertising channels, this campaign shows the power of blending AI and personalization. Not only are customers better informed on which Pond’s products are right for them, but they also build a dermatologist-like relationship with the brand who can educate them and provide tips on how to manage their skin issues.