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Natural Light is asking fans to post on social media about their Super Bowl party plans in return for the chance to win some money towards their student debt.

To ensure fans have enough money for Super Bowl party essentials, Natural Light is teaming up with Cash App to help students cover their monthly loan payment. The brand will give out a total of $53,000 to 151 winners throughout this sweepstakes. That leaves each winner with $351, which is the average monthly student loan payment. To enter the sweepstakes, fans over 21 must post their party plans on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by the end of the game on February 3rd. All posts must include the hashtags #NattySB and #Sweepstakes along with their Cash App username. Natural Light has promised to give out $10 million over the next 10 years to continue helping fans knock out student debt.       

As a lower priced beer that often appeals to college students, Natural Light found a pain point of their customers and sought out a way to help. By requiring posts on social media to enter the sweepstakes, the brand is sparking conversations and increasing UGC.