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The past few months, moms have faced unprecedented challenges, like attempting to work remote while homeschooling. To help them cope, MOVO gave quarantined moms a much needed moment of reprieve for Mother’s Day by launching a “Quaranscream” hotline.

Throughout Mother’s Day weekend, moms could call 1-833-3-SCREAM-4-WINE for a judge-free vent session. After blowing off some steam about their new “coworkers,” restless kids, embarrassing video conference fails and other laughable moments, they had the chance to enter to win MOVO wine spritzers.

By acknowledging the struggles their target is facing and leaning into the trend of wine venting sessions, MOVO was able to emotionally connect with their consumers and support them in a fun, clever way. Because of this, their brand came across as authentically helpful during this time rather than tastelessly taking advantage of the pandemic to sell their product. It’s a smart move that could lead to lasting connections even after moms can leave the house again.