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On the 35 year anniversary of the McRib, McDonald’s is bringing back its rare sandwich along with a contest where a lucky fan will win the chance to eat the last McRib of the season.

The McRib has had an exciting life with McDonald’s, teasing rib-lovers every couple of years with a limited time release in hard to find locations. This year, in conjunction with an UberEATS partnership and an updated McRib Finder app, McDonald’s is asking customers to express their love for the McRib in a short video shared on Instagram or Twitter. The winner of the contest will be flown to Chicago for the ultimate McRib experience that includes a cooking session with a McDonald’s chef and spending money for the weekend.

In the past, McDonald’s has shown their ability to acknowledge consumers’ wants and needs. For example, when consumers asked for healthier options on the menu, McDonald’s responded with items free from high-fructose corn syrup and antibiotics. Similarly, this campaign shows the same understanding by opening up communication on platforms that their audience is already using. By engaging fans and creating a two-way dialogue, McDonald’s should see more brand-loyal customers in their future.