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Hennessy leverages social media to promote its new bottle design by artist Shepard Fairey.

The cognac brand bolstered its “Art of the Chase” campaign through the Hennessy V.S Limited Edition series by partnering with different artists to design bottle labels for the campaign. These artists were chosen as they embody the spirit of Hennessy by pushing boundaries in their various mediums. To tease the reveal of Fairey’s bottle design on Facebook, Hennessy requested 5,000 likes on the photo of the bottle designed by the previous artist in the series, Os Gêmeos. Once the goal had been reached, the Facebook cover photo was updated to reveal a portion of the new bottle design by Fairey. The brand requested another 5,000 likes to reveal the whole bottle. After that goal was reached the cover photo was updated and the whole bottle was shown. As consumers move from the Facebook page to the Hennessy website they are introduced to Fairey and his work as well as to how his craftsmanship intersects with Hennessy’s philosophy. This type of social promotion is a great way for a brand to create suspense and interest when introducing elements of a new campaign. This is also an excellent way to reach out to new consumers who may not be familiar with the brand, but may know the artist. Read more about this promotion here and view the bottle design here.