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From fitness trackers to sleep trackers, Millennials have embraced quantifying their daily lives. Scotts Miracle-Gro is hoping this translates to modern gardening trends with the launch of its latest app – Gro.

As a generation that has put off home ownership longer than any previous generation, Scotts Miracle-Gro faced challenges connecting with Millennials. Gro hopes to target younger consumers in urban or rental properties to educate and inspire them to start non-traditional gardens (ie: container gardens, herb gardens and cocktail gardens), providing tips specific to these emerging trends.

The app can also work with smart sensors to read soil conditions and automate sprinklers – turning yards into smart lawns. The brand is looking to expand its automation of the yard even further in the future.

But even without the fancy sensors, the app helps new gardeners tackle projects or care for their current plants, serving up content based on a user’s location.

For new and young gardeners, the app can take the fear of the unknown out of gardening and help break projects down into accomplishable tasks. It will be interesting to see if Millennials embrace connected gardening and if a brand can lead this trend.
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