News You Can Use

Equinox’s new line is created from the world’s most dedicated people, including the DNA of an athlete and paper from the Washington Post.

The fitness brand takes January motivation to a new level with their line, the Commitment Collection. Each piece of the collection honors an individual or organization who worked relentlessly to reach their goals, such as perfume crafted from the  DNA of the first female to run the Boston Marathon, Kathrine Switzer. Some other items include “The Truth Lipstick”, a  lipstick created with Washington Post paper; “The Law Suit” a suit made from lawsuit papers filed by environmental lawyer James Thornton; and “Stonewall Stilettos” made from the actual pleather at The Stonewall Inn.

Living on their digital hub, if one clicks the “Buy now” button they will be directed to a message saying, “It’s never that easy.” While you may not be able to purchase “Truth Lipstick”, the items will be auctioned off throughout 2018, with all proceeds donated to nonprofit organizations such as Reporters Without Borders and The Heroes Project. The campaign will also be shared throughout social media with stories behind each of the products, accompanied by the hashtag #committosomething.