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Thanks to Craft, World Market’s newest product line, consumers are not only connecting with limited-edition, handcrafted goods from around the world, but can determine which products are brought to life.

Every month, hand-picked items from artists and crafters across the globe appear as part of a new collection on the brand’s website. While consumers can browse and pre-purchase these items like with most online stores who release products before are available, with Craft (and its one-of-a-kind products), there’s an interactive twist. If enough consumers choose to pre-order an item within the given timeframe, World Market will produce the item. If not, the product will not be made.

By sharing items through social channels and other digital platforms, buyers are able to promote the item they wish to purchase and help bring its creation to fruition. World Market has provided the perfect digital solution to connecting limited-edition items with the exact number of shoppers needed to cut costs and make the one-of-a-kind products come to life. As consumers control which goods make their way across the world, other retailers are looking to World Market to figure out how they too can produce more of what buyers want and less of what they don’t.