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To announce the resurgence of the beloved 90s soda brand, Coca-Cola Freestyle brought back another 90s icon: the pager. These custom, neon green devices let fans know when Surge is on tap at a Burger King near them.

Lucky pedestrians in New York City had the opportunity to swipe one of these pagers at a wireless pop-up staged outside an Apple Store, where an enthusiastic retro salesman offered them the chance to upgrade their phones to an even more useful device. Coca-Cola Freestyle also created video content to promote awareness for these pagers.

By leaning into the 90s, this tongue-in-cheek campaign dials up the nostalgia millennials already feel for Surge. Through an interactive pop-up and giveaway, Coca-Cola Freestyle not only spread the word about their new promotion with Burger King, but also found a creative, fun way to make fans feel like the announcement was personalized just for them.