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At the Coachella Music Festival last weekend, Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino, gave away a pair of his new Adidas sneakers to anyone who accepted his AirDrop request.

Glover recently collaborated with Adidas to create a new version of the brand’s Nizza sneakers which do not yet have a release date. Randomly selected festival-goers were sent an AirDrop request from Donald Glover himself, and anyone who accepted the photo had 60 minutes to claim their free pair of shoes from the Vintage Market. The shoes also came with a short “contract” that required the lucky recipients to wear the shoes all weekend and attend his show.

Glover and Adidas found a unique way to engage with fans while building excitement and awareness for the release of the new sneakers. By individually AirDropping attendees, he was able to give each one of them a very personal and unforgettable experience.