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Snack brand Cheez-It has partnered with House Wine to create limited edition snack boxes that include both the cheesy crackers and boxed wine. 

Cheez-It and House Wine have put their own spin on a classic pairing. Together, the two brands have figured out how to make the wine and cheese pairing fun, portable and convenient. The limited edition boxes will feature different flavor combos like white cheddar and rosé, and cheddar jack and cabernet sauvignon. In this collaboration, both brands are benefiting since Cheez-It gets to tout its use of real cheese and House Wine becomes associated with versatility since it’s being paired with snack food. 

Since picnic season is in full swing, this collaboration seems timely, especially with an older millennial wine-loving audience. Plus, the unique twist on a food and drink pairing that people already know tastes good, is sure to get them talking about both Cheez-It and House Wine.