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In Argentina, Burger King stopped selling Whoppers for a day in order to support McDonald’s fundraiser for Children With Cancer.

On September 26th, McDonald’s celebrated “McHappy Day,” where $2 from every Big Mac and other signature burger sold went to a charity that helps children with cancer. In response, Burger King called it “A Day Without Whopper” and decided not to serve any Whoppers to customers that entire day. Instead, the fast food restaurant encouraged these customers to head to a nearby McDonald’s to support the cause. Burger King’s mascot also made an appearance to show support and try a Big Mac. 

By sacrificing one day of Whopper sales to support its main competitor’s campaign, Burger King has not only gained respect from its customers but also helped them become part of a bigger cause. Although this campaign was very simple and most likely didn’t heavily impact BK’s sales, it put the restaurant in a positive light with consumers all over the world, started conversations on social media and strengthened its relationship with McDonald’s.