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Amazon is currently looking to build a second headquarters, and it’s asked cities to promote why they deserve the title. With the possibility of this company bringing economic growth and upwards of 50,000 jobs – some places are getting pretty creative. Birmingham, AL, however, has really made a push.


The #BringAtoB campaign recreates giant Dash buttons, which allow Prime users to refill on specific cart materials with a simple click. Birmingham placed their own Dash buttons in two places around the city. A custom-built feature that uses Raspberry Pi technology allows for individuals to push the button, which then prompts a dedicated-Twitter account to send tweets that include fun, interesting facts about Birmingham, all of which tag @amazon. In addition, giant Amazon boxes have been placed around the city for people to take pictures and post, hoping to garner even more attention from the e-commerce mogul.


The campaign executes what most marketers can agree can be seen as a successful campaign: a simply executed, interactive push that promotes participation – all while creating engagement with its target audience. Bringing together out-of-home, experiential and social, it’s a home run.