News You Can Use

Swedish sportswear brand, Bjorn Borg has recently launched a pop-up store where fans can trade street drugs for the brand’s athletic wear.

Their campaign, Chase the Exerhighs, aims not only to sell more clothes, but to educate the public on the positive effects of exercise. With exercise-induced endorphin rushes and adrenaline highs similar to those obtained from drugs, the brand has set their sights on targeting consumers who may be willing to exchange drugs for exercise. The brand worked with artist Patrick Saville to create limited-edition pieces which were given away once consumers entered the pop-up and “traded” their marijuana, opioids or other drugs. All of the confiscated drugs were later burned and destroyed.

A pop-up event, a limited edition collaboration, and a topic sure to stir up social media and the PR world is what made this activation successful. By understanding not just where to reach their consumers, but how to make them care, Bjorn Borg was able to have a meaningful impact on their fans’ lives.