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For the first time, Amazon will be making an appearance at the Coachella Music Festival, providing attendees the opportunity to have items delivered right to the venue.

The brand will be setting up temporary Amazon Lockers at the festival grounds in Indio, California. Customers will be able to start placing orders for delivery to the lockers on April 11th, and any order placed before noon PST on all festival days will receive free same-day delivery. Amazon has also created a virtual storefront specially curated for Coachella Festival-goers, including a wide variety of items that have already been approved by the festival’s organizers. The brand aims to help as much as possible with the packing and prepping process so attendees can focus more on enjoying the experience.       

Amazon has gone above and beyond just providing customers with the right products; they have introduced a new service that greatly reduces pain points of festival-goers. By adding even more convenience for customers, the brand is likely to increase loyalty and gain more awareness for their Lockers feature.