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Coca-Cola recently registered an impressive 16 million MAC (media access control) addresses, which are unique identifiers for networked devices. Rumor has it that Coke could be in line to roll out a live, reusable, connected can. While that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense (yet), it could potentially act as a supplementary piece of Coke’s big plan for their Freestyle machines, which can track what drinks are made and how often.

Coke also recently discussed their interest in accepting smartphone payments so they could track purchases. This would not only help the company track inventory and allow for a more efficient method for delivery, but it would also allow for a consumer loyalty program amongst other effective means of engaging with consumers. Although the true reason behind the MAC address registrations is not clear at this time, it’s very clairvoyant that the tech-savvy and forward-thinking Coca-Cola has something up their sleeve that could potentially aid them in their efforts to reach their consumers through an exciting and unique manner.

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