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Wendy’s fast food chain is using QR codes on its takeout bags to promote their late night menu and boost consumer engagement. The campaign encourages the consumer to check in to store locations by rewarding them with prizes. Users scan the QR code with their mobile device and are able to find the closest Wendy’s store. The user must check in to the Wendy’s in order to have a chance at winning a prize. Other fast food restaurants including Taco Bell, KFC and McDonald’s have used QR codes to increase consumer engagement. Wendy’s has already had a mobile presence through an app that informs consumers of locations and nutritional facts. Wendy’s also had a mobile ad campaign that ran on Pandora. Read more here. The use of QR codes in a campaign allows the brand to engage with the consumer in a relevant way and offer discounts to a consumer who has already interacted with the brand. The important part of a QR code is that it leads to an experience that the user can benefit from. Learn more about Wendy’s campaign here.