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At Ad Age’s Brand Hack series, Ad Age connects startup agencies to large companies by having a friendly competition in the form of pitches. This year, one pitch from a company call Wendr stood out to guest In-Bev in the form of a social media application. The application allows members to see all of their friends activities in a status form and where they will be going that night, addressing the challenge of taking time out of your schedule to call your friends to make plans. Wendr leveraged their technology to create the “Buds by Budweiser” application in their presentation. This essentially works the same way as the current application but with a few more tabs such as the “Bud Finder” where you can see all the locations around you with Budweiser on tap and “Tap a Bud” which will allow users to tap on a friend to indicate they want to hang out (in which a response tap can be given). The application allows users to connect through facebook and share plans as well, drawing more attention to the application. In-Bev wants to leverage a digital and print campaign along with the launch to draw in more users to interact with the program, creating a database of consumers interacting socially via the application. Upon winning the business of In-Bev, Wendr received a check of $25,000 to begin development of the program.To learn more, click here.