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Sports apparel giant Under Armour tapped into real consumer data to promote Holiday sales through display ads. The brand, who has sponsored some of the world’s most influential athletes wanted to generate excitement with all consumers by creating “highly relevant and engaging” content. The online advertisements reached beyond the brands website, including an 18-day gift guide promotion, kicking off just before Black Friday, using a full-page interactive takeover display ad to attract early Holiday shopping interest with consumers. For the brand the goal was to reach both general fitness consumers and sports enthusiast. To do just this, the brand utilized Google’s display network targeting users by interest, category and specific keywords, and to raise the campaign success used rule-based targeting. While the targeting was key to the campaigns success, which has far exceeded the brands expectations, the ultimate success was due to the brand’s hands-on optimizations throughout the campaign, based on consumer data collected. The success influenced the brand’s other online mediums as well, including a positive impact on their social media presence. Read more about the brands digital strategy here.