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Target announced they are launching a new mobile app that will make parents and their children smile during the holidays: a wish list app.

To use the app parents have to setup a Target account (if they have not already) and can then set up wish lists for up to ten children or family members. Hundreds of items are available in what Target has named Santa’s Workshop on pre populated lists for children to pick and choose from, including electronics, sports equipment, toys, and more. Once items have been added to the wish lists, parents can then condense them into a single, manageable shopping list and order the products directly from the app.

Target is making the wish list experience more fun for kids, and very helpful for parents with this two-pronged approach. With the ability to order and manage the products from a single view and a short two-step checkout process, Target has cut-out the long lines and crowded shopping experiences out of the picture. Expect to see even more methods introduced that give shoppers the option to order from mobile and digital, rather than having to travel to retail store during the busy shopping season.