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Last Friday, Spotify created a new tool called “Soundtrack your Ride” that will curate a customized playlist for your road trip. 

The experience starts by asking you to enter the starting and ending location of your journey in order to calculate how many hours you’ll be spending in the car. Then, it asks a series of questions to better understand the details of your trip and your music preferences. The multiple-choice questions determine who you’re traveling with, your favorite genre for the road, your drive vibe, your ultimate driving song and your car type. After all of the questions are answered, the tool quickly creates a playlist that’ll keep you entertained the whole duration of your ride. Although not confirmed, it’s likely that it also takes into consideration your listening history.  

As the market for music streaming services continues to grow and become more competitive, companies must find ways to differentiate their products. Spotify has consistently been able to do this by offering a high level of personalization within the platform.