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In holiday seasons past, some retails have been concerned about consumers using their smart phones in-store to hunt for better deals. This year, those same retailers are embracing consumer’s smart phone addictions by increasing their activity on social platforms.

Pinterest, for example, has a number of holiday specific pages such as “Holiday-Party-Planning” and “Holiday & Events” that retailer like Target and Nordstrom are eagerly engaging. In fact, just today, Pinterest released a new feature, a “Holiday Gift” category that not only offers consumers gift ideas but will also give retailers a great space to showcase new holiday items.

Additional support for Pinterest comes from a recent IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark pole which showed that, during a four-week period in October and November, customers referred from Facebook spent an average of $54.64 per order, compared to an average of $123.50 per order from Pinterest.

While Pinterest is great, retailers are using more social media across the board; Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter. Jeffrey J. Jones II, chief marketing officer at Target stated that “Last year we would’ve used three or four social platforms. This year we’ll use seven or eight.”

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