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Project Runway, the Lifetime Television reality series kicked off its 10th season this summer. Utilizing the key phrase, “make it work” from cast member Tim Gunn and technology trends in marketing, Project Runway created a multi-pronged social media campaign called #MakeItWork. Since the premiere on July 11, the shows Twitter following has jumped 12% and its Facebook fanbase has grown by 6%. The #MakeItWork campaign extends across a large number of both on- and offline platforms. Social media integration examples include Twitter, where  @ProjectRunway asked followers to tweet images of their #MakeItWork moments for a chance to win. Other contests on Twitter included $500 to the fan whose message containing the shows name received the most retweets. @OfficialProjectRunway on Instagram, posted photos of contestants designs to introduce them to the fan base. Other platforms that have been utilized for the #MakeItWork campaign include Pinterest, Piictu, and Viddy. To get a closer look into the design of this campaign from SVP of Digital Media at A+E Networks, visit Mashable.