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Pepsi MAX and NBA point guard Kyrie Irving have returned to the YouTube scene with their basketball playing grandpa, Uncle Drew. Pepsi Max has released their third viral video featuring the Cleveland Cavalier’s starting point guard dressed up as an old man playing basketball against unsuspecting players. Pepsi Max’s campaign is to promote a zero-calorie soda with a bold taste. Irving’s character as Uncle Drew represents a man not willing to give up his love for the game because of his age. Pepsi Max allows consumers to enjoy the bold taste of the soda, even though they give up calories. For this new clip, the Denver Nuggets’ energy player Nate Robinson and the Minnesota Lynx’s star forward Maya Moore join Uncle Drew on the blacktop. Each video from the series depicts Drew in his attempts to get his old team back together to relive the old days. Pepsi Max has hit a goldmine with these videos going viral.  In the first week of the newest installment, Pepsi Max’s YouTube video has seen 4.2 million views. The second video in the series went from viral hit to 30-second TV spot. Pepsi is showing that with the right cast of characters, they can leverage and sustain a viral hit. To watch Uncle Drew’s latest hoop session click here.