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To help establish itself as a breakfast essential, Nutella opened a Syrup Swap Shop around National Pancake Day, encouraging people to exchange their syrup bottles for jars of Nutella.

While visiting the pop-up shop in New York’s Grand Central Terminal, visitors could enjoy free pancakes topped with Nutella while watching Dancakes’ professional pancake artists at work. Back at home, they’ll be able to ask Alexa to unlock Nutella recipes and interactive memory games geared towards entertaining families while the pancakes are cooking. They can even visit the Nutella Creations online hub for sharable guides on how to whip up dinosaur-themed designs.

By giving people a risk-free way to try Nutella on pancakes and creating highly engaging content, the brand is changing the assumptions and conversation around pancakes and breakfast. Only time will tell if this will be enough to take down Mrs. Butterworth.