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Capitalizing on to the coverage of the presidential campaign in the U.S., Numi Organic Tea has created a campaign called “Vote Organic” where users are asked to “declare their inTEApendence”. The campaign, which largely lives in the social space, asks users to share why they want to live organic lives. Users can visit the Facebook page to submit “mug shots”. The photos must be of tea drinkers who wrote on their team mugs why they choose organic. For each mug shot submitted, Numi Organic Tea will submit $1 towards organic initiatives across the globe (up to $6,500). Ahmed Rahim, Numi co-founder, CEO and alchemist, said “Numi is dedicated to people, the planet and pure tea. Our products offer tea enthusiasts the opportunity to imbibe free of GMOs, pesticides, chemicals, perfumes “flavorings” and artificial ingredients. Now, we’ve formed our own movement and we’re inviting tea lovers everywhere to cast their votes for people, planet, and pure ORGANIC tea.” To learn more about this promotion and how you can participate, please visit or the campaign website.