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Nest, a high-tech thermostat entity, has released a new version of their thermostat that adds great value to its basic functionality. The new version comes with a correlating app that allows users to control the temperature of their homes from their mobile devices. In addition to the mobile capabilities, the second generation of the Nest maintains the aesthetically-pleasing design of the original version while also reducing in thickness by 20 percent. Recognizing that their target market featured customers that value the latest in advanced technology, Nest decided to significantly upgrade their software on this version. Although Nest was originally created by former Apple executive and “Father of the iPod,” Tony Fadell, another driving force behind the new software additions was the head of product marketing, Maxime Veron. “The new hardware expands Nest’s compatibility from 75 percent of residential heating and cooling systems to 95 percent,” she says. Other upgrades include the Nest’s ability to immediately detect what heating and cooling system users have and accommodate accordingly, as well as giving users the ability to schedule heating and cooling usage amounts when they are away from their homes. The Nest hopes to be the type of value-added product that could lead to similar mobile innovations as the demand for convenience apps continuously rises. Find out more here.