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This week Longchamp debuted its fall 2013 collection through a robust social media campaign, “Bigger than Life”, countdown. During the countdown the brand created daily Facebook posts, a teaser video and created an event around the launch which all led to the release of a branded video and online game. The pre-campaign activity created buzz and engaged loyal fans of the brand by remaining top-of-mind in their social world. Pre-campaign Facebook posts had images of oversized shoes and handbags placed in the middle of New York City as well as short quotes, such as “The sun never sets on my city.” The posts drove consumers to a Facebook app encouraging fans to RSVP for the launch event and invite friends. On September 10th the brand launched the full campaign through the Facebook event and on its brand page. The campaign features a video of model Coco Rocha, portrayed as a giant walking through the streets of New York with her Longchamp bag, and a game where players have to run and jump through the city to catch as many men in their giant handbag as possible. After playing the game consumers can enter to win their own handbag. In past seasons Longchamp has used fun and whimsical videos to promote new collections socially, but this is the first time the brand has executed such a robust social media campaign. In such a competitive, crowded season for fashion brands, Longchamp stood out amongst all the glamorous ads of the season to really shine, specifically to it’s dedicated following. For a high end European fashion brand Longchamp is strategically remaining true to their positioning, while engaging their dedicated brand followers in their natural setting. See the video and read more on Luxury Daily.