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Can’t find a parking spot? There’s an app for that. Streetline, a company that specializes in parking solutions for major cities, has come up with an integrated mobile app called Parker. The free app allows drivers to view the exactly location of any open parking spaces in the area they are in. In some markets, they can even pay for the parking right from their phone.

Using sensors installed in individual parking spots, the app is able to detect the presence of a vehicle and determine if the spot is open or not. By simply opening the app and following it as you would with directions on your smartphone, you are able to find available parking at ease. Smart parking by Streetline has implemented in Cleveland, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New York City, as well as in Birmingham and Manchester in the UK.

While some technologies seem a bit unnecessary, I believe this new technology truly solves a real problem in many major cities. It saves the user time, money and stress, and not to mention the numerous benefits it has on the environment. I also think there is a tremendous opportunity for businesses and brands to tap into this, such as providing a mobile coupon to their stores once a spot is taken. To learn more about this new app and the statistics behind it click here or download the app here.