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Gucci is aiming to take control of the branded content shared on Pinterest by sending fans to their Pinterest account from digital banner ads. Banner ad viewers will be able to pin items directly from the banner ads, which will also take the user directly to the Gucci Pinterest account. Gucci is also tapping Polyvore, a fashion collage site with images that are often pinned to Pinterest, to incentivize millennial purchases via a collage contest. Polyvore users who develop a collage using Gucci clothing and accessories have a shot at winning the label’s popular “Jackie” bag. Yuli Ziv, founder and CEO of Style Coalition, said “The most interesting part about this campaign is that Gucci is viewing display advertising not just as a marketing tool, but as desirable content which people want to share. As old advertising formats prove to be ineffective, we are seeing the shift toward content-driven advertising that has consumers in mind.” To learn more, please visit