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Instead of buying your friend an ill-fitting sweater for the holidays, the social gifting platform, Gratafy, allows users to buy friends and family gifts that they usually enjoy more, such as a round of drinks or a piece of cheesecake. Through Gratafy, a person can choose the gift recipient, the occasion, a menu item from a range of restaurants or a gift card all from their phone or the web. In the past, a person could only send gifts by logging into Facebook but now Gratafy is allowing people to send gifts using either their email address or phone number. This easy access to giving gifts through Gratafy benefits participating restaurants by promoting their full price menu items and gaining new followers. Currently, Gratafy is limited to restaurants in their home base of Seattle and additionally Los Angeles, but they are looking to expand their services to other cities in the near future. Gratafy is a great example of how the concept and execution of social gifting is evolving. To read more please click here.