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Dove is using a mobile marketing strategy to increase its presence on social media, specifically on Facebook. The mobile ads offer an interactive game when clicked on by the user. The game prompts the user to move puzzle pieces across the screen to create a picture. The Dove ads are located on the CBS News iPhone application. On the ad, the mobile user is able to hit the left-hand button to “Like” the brand’s Facebook page. Consumers are also able to view video content after clicking on the mobile ad. Dove has done a mobile ad campaign in the past that integrated Facebook by allowing the user to upload pictures that would be shown on a billboard in Times Square. Learn more here. By incorporating the Facebook call out into the mobile ad, Dove is able to provide a variety of content to the user with just a click. The user can browse the Facebook page to see photos, learn more about the brand or write on the Facebook wall. Mobile advertising that drives social media is a great tool to boost consumer engagement and build a strong following. Learn more about Dove’s mobile strategy here.