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Dobango, the self-proclaimed “first social marketing platform on Pinterest,” has integrated itself into Pinterest’s API, allowing it to push certain pins onto brand-sponsored boards that will act as the nucleus for brand contests. As a new business venture for the founder of mobile advertising exchange platform, Nexage, Devkumar Gandhi, Dobango will also allow for the tracking of user engagement within those brand-sponsored boards in real-time. “We believe we have ‘cracked the code,’ and for the first time there is a simple way to run, manage and virally spread social campaigns on Pinterest,” says Gandhi. Dobango will act very similar to Twitter, as these contests will be brand-generated and user-populated, with Dobango tracking likes and repins to determine the winners. During a test run with Outta the Park BBQ Sauce, the brand’s Pinterest following increased 150% while its Facebook page inflated by 40%. With Pinterest being an exceedingly popular source for people to find ideas, inspiration and entertainment, Dobango hopes to use this new social media integration to have a stronghold on the e-commerce within the site. Find out more here.