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Corona let beer drinkers pay with plastic waste during the week of June 8th, also known as the World Oceans Day. 

The campaign called “Pay with Plastic” was a joint effort between Corona and environmental group Parley for the Oceans that took place at retailers and bars in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Colombia. In addition to consumers being able to pay for Corona with plastic, the brand designed a limited-edition can made out of recycled materials. For every six-pack of cans sold, the organizations cleaned up a square meter at a local beach. Corona and Parley for the Oceans have already cleaned more than three million square meters of beach and have another two million to go before reaching their summer goal. The beach cleaning will go on through August and will take place in nine different countries.

This campaign gives Corona the chance to connect with consumers who are passionate about the health of the environment. Corona will gain respect and loyalty, as consumers find it meaningful when brands take initiative on issues they care about.