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This holiday season, British Airways conducted a “Jumbo Christmas Giveaway” by inviting online participants to unwrap a digital A380 jumbo jet for prizes. The online campaign ran for 12 days leading up to Christmas Day to promote the newest BA jet while spreading some Holiday cheer. MPC, the digital agency that created this unique online experience, paid close attention to details in order to make the wrapping and unwrapping of the jet as realistic as possible for digital users. After users tear off their piece of the Christmas paper, a pop-up message reveals an instant prize win or the chance to enter the “Jumbo Draw”. Prizes range from small electronics to luxury vacations and homes. The interactive campaign is a unique way to engage consumers with the new aircraft by leveraging the Holiday season, all while collecting consumer data on the backend of the give-away. You can try your Holiday luck on any mobile, tablet or computer device by clicking here. Then, learn more from the digital agency that executed the campaign here.