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Many things have become much harder or basically nonexistent during quarantine, traveling and dating being two of them. To make it easier, Airbnb and Bumble teamed up to offer unique virtual dating experiences.

The brands leveraged Airbnb’s Online Experiences platform by creating a variety of activities that would be fit for a first date. Then, 100 Bumble users were selected to go on one of these virtual first dates through a contest that ran from May 14th to the 28th. To enter, users had to swipe right on the contest profile card, fill out the entry form and then find a lucky someone to go on a date with. Winners will get to experience unique activities from all over the world, such as a wine class with an expert from Portugal, a secret Amsterdam jazz club and sake secrets from Japan’s oldest brewery.  

Many brands like Airbnb and Bumble have had to quickly shift their strategies to stay relevant during these times. Through this contest, these brands were able to provide people with a totally new experience they probably would have never gotten if it wasn’t for these stay-at-home orders.