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ABC Family’s hit television show Pretty Little Liars (PLL) has recently released an intriguing webisode series as they continue to utilize successful, record-breaking social media/TV tactics. Conquering American Idol for the record of most combined Twitter and Facebook comments during one episode of a TV show last week (among capturing many other records), the digital media team at ABC Family has found a way to gain the most social engagement among fans than any other shows on TV. Although the record-breaking episode was the finale of the third PLL season, ABC Family is going to continue engaging its fans by launching a new eight-part webisode series called “Pretty Dirty Secrets”, which will be introducing a new, highly-anticipated character to the popular series as well. “We want to keep our millennial fans engaged and invested while the show is on hiatus,” said Beth Johnson, ABC Family’s VP of digital media. Their method of consistent, effective engagement through social TV will surely be analyzed by many different networks. Find out more here.