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July, 2011

Nike, following the launch of an initiative to source more sustainable textiles,  has developed a mobile app to track the amount of resources a piece of material will use. Called “Making,” the app provides designers a metric to track how the materials they use will impact the environment. The app provides users 22 distinct and commonly known textiles and materials, like cotton and silk. The materials are then scored and compared with each other based on their environmental impact in four areas: water, energy, chemistry and waste. For example, if you choose silk, the mobile app will let you know that silk wastes 54% less water than wool. Ultimately it allows designers to look at the impact their finished product would have on the environment by seeing a total score. This is a first of it’s kind app that adds to Nike’s growing environmental efforts, as well as makes designing environmentally-friendly clothing much easier. Nike Making, now available in the AppStore, could end up being one of the best mobile apps for the fashion community going forward.