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For a limited time this summer, Taco Bell is opening a hotel and resort in Palm Springs, California that will be filled with decorations and activities inspired by the restaurant.

Starting on August 9th, fans will be able to stay at The Bell Hotel and experience the brand in a whole new way. Guests will have the opportunity to swim in a pool with themed activities and hot sauce packet floaties, visit the salon to get Taco Bell-themed hairstyles and nail art and buy exclusive branded apparel at the gift shop. For dining, guests can expect to try some new Taco Bell items that have not yet been released in restaurants. Fans can sign up for email alerts on the restaurant’s website or visit their Instagram and Twitter pages for more information until reservations go live in June.

Through this activation, Taco Bell has the opportunity to reach and strengthen relationships with customers, especially millennials, by providing a unique experience worth talking about. Such an interactive campaign allows the brand to establish two-way communication and truly connect with their superfans.