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This summer, limited edition cans and bottles of Sprite will feature cold-inspired hip-hop lyrics to highlight Sprite’s function as a crisp refreshment for warmer days. Plus, the lyrics themselves will be scannable – scanning your lyrics gives you the opportunity to win one of 150 prizes being awarded daily.

In Coca-Cola’s recent “Wanna Sprite” campaign, the brand chose to use traditional QR-codes, which would require the drinker to download a QR scanner. Instead, those with the scannable lyrics can go directly to Sprite’s mobile website to scan.  The new promotion is somewhat similar to Coca-Cola’s recent campaign in Romania, which added wristbands for music festivals to bottle labels.

The choice to move away from traditional QR-codes is a good one. The lyric aesthetic is appealing and unique, and simplifying the process will encourage more follow-through for purchasers. If Sprite can successfully encourage early buzz about the promotion and its prizes, people will be grabbing these cans all summer long!