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In the latest extension of its ‘Hunger Innovations’ campaign – an effort to publicize Snickers Crisper bars – Snickers has begun selling ridiculous, hunger-themed products on eBay.

From Astro Tiaras designed for princesses who are a bit spacey to Punching Pillows for the “angreepy” (angry and sleepy) among us, these products are designed to ease the hunger-fueled maladies that can only be completely cured by a Snickers bar. Snickers has further extended this campaign through a faux infomercial, featuring these groundbreaking products, and Facebook videos that play upon the social network’s muted autoplay function.

By taking advantage of relevant digital channels and using their strengths in humorous ways, the ‘Hunger Innovations’ campaign is a strategic way for Snickers to launch its Crisper bars.