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Oscar Mayer – a brand well-known for its hot dogs and Wienermobile recently unveiled its new protein snack with a twist of trickery.

Targeting health conscious consumers, Oscar Mayer choreographed  a workout routine entitled, FRIQ (pronounced FREAK). Unbeknownst to eager exercisers, FRIQ class was the setting for a commercial advertising P3 Portable Protein Pack.

“It was kind of a fun social experiment,” said Oscar Mayer’s integrated marketing director, Tom Bick. The finished ad highlighting, “Oscar Mayer P3 wanted to see how far people would go to keep up with today’s fitness and protein trends.”

The FRIQ routine had participants pretending to be bears in a cage and rolling in bubble wrap as an instructor yelled, “I want you to work harder than a woman delivering a 14lb baby. FRIQ YES!!!” Watch the full prank here. When class ended, the session was revealed as a stunt and everyone was treated to sample the P3 snack of meat, cheese and nuts. Oscar Mayer is simplifying the fad of fitness foods: “Don’t fall for the hype in your workout. Don’t fall for the hype in your protein.”