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New Balance opened a bar in London, The Runaway, where customers are only allowed to pay with a currency that’s earned by running miles.

Through this unique bar, the brand is aiming to support and empower those training for the Virgin Money London Marathon. Customers must download the Strava fitness app to record the number of miles they run, which can then be converted into currency on a “Runaway Card” that’s stored in an Apple or Google mobile wallet to buy beer at the bar. The opportunities to gain this special currency are presented to runners through four different challenges related to marathon training. Along with drinking and socializing, the bar also provides a gym area where runners can work out or stretch.

New Balance found a fun way to motivate and support the goals of their customers by tapping into the popularity of running clubs that gather for drinks or brunch after exercising. The brand is also likely to attract millennials who tend to crave experiences and connecting with others over material items.