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The classically bright Kellogg’s cereal boxes will become colorless in Australian grocery stores to encourage consumers to fill in the lines themselves. 

This campaign combines several elements to incentivize engagement and drive purchase intent. Along with the package redesign to resemble a coloring book, the at-home artists can bring their characters to life using in-browser augmented reality on their smartphones. The AR experience also signs up participants for a daily contest where they can win Crayola prize packs. Coloring on a cereal box is not a new idea, but this campaign takes something children are already doing and makes it a strategy. 

This partnership between Kellogg’s and Crayola is smart because they are targeting the same audience: families with young children. The coloring activity provides a fun incentive for people to stray from their standard shopping list. The AR element, however, seems to complicate what these two brands represent, which is the simplicity of just being a kid. Though this technology is growing in marketing, it seems to be a cool but unnecessary addition to this campaign.