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In a new multi-level campaign, Diet Coke of Israel emphasizes their customers’ individuality by printing two million bottle labels using an algorithm that assures no two bottles are the same.

“In each one of us is something extraordinary,” explains the case study video released last week by the Gefen Team (the agency that created the campaign). The packaging stunt was followed by hundreds of one-of-a-kind billboard ads, customized gifts at point of sale, a TV spot, and a pop up spot on Israel’s The Voice whenever there was an “extraordinary” performance.

The campaign generated a lot of buzz on social media with promotions on YouTube and Facebook. On eBay, collections of bottles started showing up for as much as 200 dollars (15 dollars for a single bottle). The results proved the campaign to be a success with a 2.1% increase in sales, a 3% increase in brand performance, and a 2% increase in purchase intent. Competing soda company, Dr. Pepper, whose entire brand revolves around the slogan, “Always One of a Kind,” may be taking notes.