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To kick-off the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola has invited soccer fans from around the world to participate in creating the world’s largest photo mosaic flag. Coke has partnered with local Brazilian artists to create a soccer-themed design for the nation’s flag. The promotion works by fans submitting their personal photos (via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) including the hashtag #worldscupza. When the flag design is finalized, the fan’s submitted photos are then used to replace areas of the flag all the while still maintaining the overall image.  The physical flag, which was unveiled on the pitch before the opening ceremony of the World Cup, has around 3600 square meters of fabric.  The flag is also available digitally and people can zoom in close enough to see individual fan’s pictures. Users who submitted pictures are sent a link to the digital flag that is zoomed in on their photo’s location.  Thanks to Coca-Cola, the fans can be a part of the FIFA World Cup and interact with a piece of digital artwork that will be viewed by an estimated 1 billion people.  To see the flag, click here.