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Spotify-YouTube-Phoenix-AdApril, 2013
Spotify has launched a one-day digital promotion on YouTube involving fans watching a video that is rolled out in piecemeal clips so as to keep users interested throughout the day. According to AllThingsD, “the idea is that fans are supposed to ‘follow’ the band Phoenix for a day, via an 18-minute documentary that will roll out in pieces, in what’s supposed to mimic real time.” In an effort to differentiate themselves from successful rivals like Pandora and iTunes, Spotify is using this opportunity to simultaneously promote their Twitter-like discovery/metaphor feature which allows users to see what their friends, as well as celebrities or other Spotify-using public figures, are listening to on a regular basis. Although YouTube is ultimately one of their main competitors, Spotify claims that the Google-owned video powerhouse as an advertising medium can potentially have as big of a reach as television, and therefore needs to be incorporated into any brand’s integrated marketing plans as such. Find out more here.