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August 2013
In efforts to build anticipation for their newest upcoming men’s fragrance, Brit Rhythm, Burberry has recently released a mysterious cliffhanger video advertisement as well as strategic social media activations that are working together to keep fans intrigued. Using a minimalistic approach to show “the connection of sound and scent”, the video ad features intense background music and shows a flashing silhouette of the to-be-released fragrance, with random shots of a fictional musician celebrity spraying himself with the fragrance, then later flashes to him being hounded by paparazzi. The final scene shows him walking towards bright stage lights shining from the end of a hallway. The promotion’s hashtag #THISISBRIT then flashes on the screen and the video ends. Burberry is using the clandestine flashing silhouette visual approach across Facebook, Twitter and their website, where they have a page dedicated to Brit Rhythm. The page is appropriately minimalistic, allowing users to scroll over the bottle silhouette which simply changes from black to white, while also giving them the ability to sign up to receive release information as well as a sample of the fragrance. According to Cory Pierce, a digital advertising industry expert, “The most successful cryptic or ‘secret’ marketing efforts work where there’s already interest and mystique around a brand.” The intrigue that Burberry created around the scent and look of the new fragrance is an excellent example of effective strategic social media marketing. Find out more about the Brit Rhythm pre-launch promotion.